One Of The Best Buys-Traynor YCV80Q 4-10 Tube Amp - $350 (Tulsa)

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Traynor YCV80Q 4-10 80 Watt Guitar Amp in excellent, near new condition! These Amps sell for $999 + Freight + Tax and are great full Tube Amps that sound and play great but due to health conditions I must sell! Once again, this is a fantastic sounding all Tube Amp!

From Traynor:
With the Custom Valve 40 already getting rave reviews in the all-tube combo amp market, Traynor has responded to the demand by expanding the Custom Valve guitar amp line with the addition of the 2x12 Celestion loaded combo Custom Valve 80 (YCV80).

Designed and manufactured by Yorkville Sound, the new amplifiers offer more power and new, exciting features while maintaining the reliability and value Traynor users expect.

Two new tone-shaping controls give players unprecedented tonal variety for nearly any vintage tube tone. A 'scoop' switch on the lead channel adds body for much heavier leads while the 'expander' switch equalizes certain frequencies on the clean channel to create crystal clear new rhythm sounds -- often simulating an acoustic-like tone from an electric guitar.

Traynor's new DynaSound direct output makes the amp sound much more like a mic'd cabinet for recording. DynaSound speaker simulation is on both the XLR direct line output and the stereo headphone for a more authentic headphone tone. A speaker defeat switch is provided for silent practice or silent direct recording.

A parallel effects loop with separate input and output trim pots for better overall effects control and a series effects loop (or loop through) between the tube pre-amp and tube power stage give the performer more flexibility over the signal path than found on other amplifiers.

The Custom Valve 80 is vintage Traynor with black vinyl covering and chrome-plated corners, all-plywood construction, and a classic front-mounted Traynor logo. The rear-mounted control panel is easy to access, yet recessed for protection.

Traynor Custom Valve guitar amplifiers are distributed exclusively in the USA and Canada by Yorkville Sound and are covered under Yorkville's standard 2-year (even if you break it!) transferable warranty.* The same warranty that Traynor was famous for in the sixties.

All-tube construction with 4 x 5881, 3 x 12AX7A Sovtek Tubes
4 1 in. Celestion 10 Speakers
Separate tone controls for clean and drive channels
'Scoop' switch on lead channel for heavy 'boutique amp' lead sound
'Expander' switch on rhythm channel for unique variations of clean tone
DynaSound speakers compensated XLR direct output
DynaSound compensated headphone output
Parallel effects loop with trim controls on input and output
Internal speaker defeat switch for silent practice or direct recording
DC powered filament supply on preamp tubes for reduced hum
Autobalancing bias supply means no need for matched pairs of output tubes or bias adjustments
Long Accutronics reverb springs for authentic vintage sound
Fully-regulated power supply for ultra-low noise
Conservatively-driven output for extended tube life
Additional 'loop-through' serial effects loop
80 great big loud tube watts... not the little tiny solid state ones

For more details see https://www.zzounds.com/item--TNRYCV80

Comes with the Factory Footswitch!

The first $350 firm cash only!

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